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i received a bill from an insurance co that was not mine, i called up Empire blue cross and Blue shield it seems the service was from 3/26/12 but was not submitted until 7/3/12. Now i then called united Health care and was told that if the dr.

submits the claim they would get paid. Now i went to my Dr,s appointment on 8/6/12 i paid for my visit then gave them the correct insurance card. i then went and saw the Dr. when i asked if my shoes were there yet?(Dr, Siroka is a podiatrist) he went up front, but he came right back and was very excited saying i had a bill problem, well i went up front and was told that i neglected to inform them of alleged insurance changes that i might have to pay 250 $.

The fact is that they are lazy because one of the girls there likes to to play on line video games i saw this for my self. That is why i think i took four and a half months to submit my bill. So Dr. Siroka is a good foot dr.

but his staff is just plain lazy and incompetent and i was humiliated by Heather only due to her not just making a phone call.With this DR. you must take the good with the worst.

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So you have to troll Dr Siroka on a complaint site. Very bourgeouis.

As you say Dr. Siroka is a good podiatrist. He is an outstanding podiatrist. I've worked with him for years and never a billing issue.

You couldn't solve the problem on your own so you have to get out the online equivalent of an indelible ink pen.

What a disgrace you are. Complain about a restaurant if you find a dead maggot in your salad but not this ***.

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